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Remember When

I remember Ms. Nowitzki showing us how to write checks, and kicking Luke Mickelson in his chair in front of me when he tried to cheat! Ha! She always said people in Math found ways to find shortcuts.
Darla Geyer

Every other weekend we would go fourwheeling. On the weekends that we didn't we fixed our trucks. I remember Rory Eckhardt, and Mark Matheson taking off Rory's carburetor and rebuilding it on the front seat of the truck while they were half drunk on homemade wine. The truck ran better than ever when they got done. Rory was destined to be a great mechanic.
Arvin Martinez

Remember our 9th grade Spanish class trip to Mexico? I especially remember our last night in Puerto Vallarta... actually I should say I don't think I do completely remember! I know someone ended up going to the hospital, was it Carol Zimmerman??
Jayne (Adams) Wingate

I remember when Trisha Rhoades, Angela Peel and I would drive to the grocery store and get donuts right after Band, just before 2nd period. We were always late. I also remember eating Doritos and M&Ms in the band practice room instead of practicing.
Ana (Brizuela) Cardenas

Very memorable biology class. Amy Lanning omitted the letters "n" and "i" as she pronounced the word "organism" reading aloud from a textbook. I remember locking eyes with Mr. Richards who then corrected her after her third mispronunciation. He had tears coming from the corners of his eyes he was trying so hard not to laugh.
Mick Kindler

Just having read Mike Corbin's bio, I'm remembering a gym class when Mike very patiently taught me how to play tennis - the first and probably only time during my early education when I felt competent at a sport. Based on that memory, I can picture him with his boys, and its a good picture.
Brita Graham

More memories of Mr. Parker:

I remember three instances in his class - Once, when I was talking to someone in the desk behind me, he came up and kicked the desktop from underneath so hard that it detached from the frame and landed somewhere near the back of the room. My books, etc. came raining down on the class a moment later.

Another time, Paul Briggs was poking me in the back with a pencil. I turned around to smack him and rammed his pencil clean through my hand.

Lastly, I'll never forget Pat Strauser finding Mr. Parker's spare rod and engaging him in a fencing match that ended with Pat running down the hall screaming, Mr. Parker beating him all the way with BOTH rods!
Lu Hutchinson

Everyday in Mr. Suymatsu's class was funny but when he showed us his UW cowboy boxer underware yellow front, brown back he had the whole class laughing.
Arvin Martinez

One distinct memory for me was skipping first hour senior year to get donuts for the class. When I came back everyone was out in the hall staring at the T.V.screens. Challenger had just exploded. I thought of that moment last February when Colombia exploded over Tx.
Eric Rollison

7th Grade, Hunter Safety. I'm amazed by the fact that they gave loaded rifles to an entire class. Our Junior High having a wrestling room that doubled as a firing range, is pretty funny. There was always that one kid that fired before the teacher counted to three. Classic Wyoming.
Kathy Hays

Ah- Mr. Parker: 7th grade social studies.......I'm wondering if Brett Bott still has scars across his knuckles from that rod Parker used on him ....so very often!
Sarah Carter

Hey Keith, Wouldn't it have been a blast to be in Schreckengost's class when "Shreck" came out! I believe I used "Shreck" one to many times! Paybacks came at track practice though!!
Sarah Carter

I remember telling jared to "shut up you feeble minded shike poke...or I'll kick your _____" of course the last part was under my breath....Oklahoma musical closing night. I remember my shot gun misfiring. That weekend was a lot of fun.
Teal Kirkhart

Also reguarding jr.high musicals ~ remember in the Oklahoma musical Stephanie's bun let loose on the top and bounced around on her head like a dead animal for the rest of the play?
Amy Lanning

Speaking of those junior high musicals, Brita. . .remember someone forgetting a line and adding something "colorful" when they did remember? For those who don't remember, no, it wasn't Brita, but it WAS someone else who is quoted on this page!!

As for Mrs. Jay, she was a woman with a vision! Now that I've taught Junior High and High School Choral music, I know just how wonderful she and Mr. Eller both were.
Serena Jenkins Clark

Back when we were younger and a little crazier I remember a beer race and a Senior Kegger, Senior All-Nighter. Weekends cruising Grand and looking for the parties. How about a New Year's Eve party up at Joe Rardin's dad's cabin? I had a blast at the 10 year reunion. I miss you guys.
George Massey

Junior High Musicals! They seemed so important once. And Mrs. Jay, whose memory will always be dear to me, God rest her soul. And hey, here are a few names from our Junior High School Days I wonder who else remembers that did not graduate with us: Carl Hansen, Teal Kirkhart, Kana Holt, Shaundell Cooper, Dina Spedding. Anyone else we've forgotten, and once cared about?
Brita (Asplund) Graham

I don't recall Mr. Smules getting upset at that, but how about when you fell asleep and he would show up below the table, or if you had a cough and you got a life saver.
S. Kopischka

I remember Mr. Gleaves' class, "sit back, feet flat, sit tall". Holding your pencil an inch up and the Paramecium paper.
Kathy Ernst Hays

I remember sitting in the front row of Mr. Loendorf's class on a day he left his fly unzipped, and when I very discreetly let him know he kicked me out of class.
Amy Lanning

Mel H--Do you remember when in 8th grade band you sharpened my drum sticks in the pencil sharpener. My mother was not too pleased. Ha.
Amy Lanning

Who was it in 9th grade math class that threw the sticky wall-climbing spider on the ceiling before class and it fell on the teachers desk halfway thru class?
Amy Lanning

Anyone else ever get a "minus" for referring to Mr. Schreckengost as "Schreck" in public? Probably only me.
Keith Kinman

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